I’m sure many of you have tried some strange food at one point or another. But how strange is strange? Here are some of the most insane food from around the world. Do you have the stomach to try any of them?

1. AustraliaXCHARXs witchetty grub is a mothXCHARXs larva and a favorite of native Aborigines.

2。 鲸鱼肉在日本,美国,加拿大,格陵兰岛,挪威和冰岛消费。 每个45克条具有147卡路里和31克蛋白质。

3。 日本人使用挖掘机的黄蜂来制造这种饼干。

4. Turtle soup is quite popular in China, Singapore & the United States. ItXCHARXs made with the meat, skin, and innards of the soft-shell turtle or the snapping turtle.

5。 在日本,金枪鱼的眼睛也不例外。 他们煮或蒸,用蒜或酱油调味。

6。 牛肚或动物的胃衬里具有海绵状蜂巢质地,并且在全世界被吃掉。

7。 来自法国的牛排鞑靼是真正的未经烹饪的牛肉,用伍斯特酱调味,并配上洋葱,刺山柑和生鸡蛋。

8. In China, youXCHARXll see starfish outside of the water, too. It would be dry and sold as a snack, though.

9. Does anyone really know FOR SURE whatXCHARXs inside this best-selling canned meat from the US?  

10。 美国另一种奇特的食物是南部的炸响蛇,味道有点像青蛙腿。

11. Shirako from Japan is a codXCHARXs sperm sac that is steamed or deep fried.

12. Again from Japan is meat from a variety of sea creatures, served raw and served in the animalXCHARXs fermented and salted viscera. 

13. Another popular dish from China is shark fin soup. As the name explains, it is made from a sharkXCHARXs fins which is dried, congealed and mixed in chicken broth.

14。 一些来自东南亚的西米gr are可食,据说在烹饪时味道像培根。

15。 来自美国的落基山牡蛎实际上是在被炸之前浸在面粉,胡椒和盐的面粉中的公牛睾丸。

16。 来自英国的腌渍鸡蛋只是留在一罐醋中的煮熟的鸡蛋。

17。 Mopane蠕虫来自南部非洲。 他们干或熏持续时间更长。

18。 在英国,新西兰和澳大利亚,您可以找到marmite或vegemite,这是啤酒桶底部的浆液。 它散布在烤面包上或与奶酪一起食用。

19。 来自中东,东欧和土耳其的Khash是炖牛脚和头的美味。

20. Kangaroo meat from Australia used to be a staple for indigenous groups. Now, itXCHARXs found in steaks, sausages or burgers.

21。 Jing Leed是真正的普通老泰国蚱蜢,在煎炸之前用盐,胡椒粉和辣椒调味。

22. IcelandXCHARXs hákarl is the rotting carcass of a Greenland or basking shark thatXCHARXs been buried in a pit, pressed with stones and then hung out to dry.

23. Haggis from Scotland is made up of sheepXCHARXs heart, liver, and lungs mixed with onions, oatmeal, suet, salt, and spices. Probably the most interesting thing about about haggis is that itXCHARXs cooked inside the animalXCHARXs stomach.

24。 豚鼠不仅用于科学实验。 在南美洲,它是完整的,烤或砂锅。

25。 来自日本的Fugu是由认证厨师精心准备的河豚鱼。

26。 蛙腿在法国,东南亚等国家很常见。

27. Fried spider is very popular in Skuon, Cambodia. ItXCHARXs marinated in MSG, sugar and salt before fried in garlic. 

28。 来自法国的Escargots-à-la-Bourguignonne用白葡萄酒,大蒜,黄油和欧芹制成的酱料烹制而成。

29。 在越南,狗,尤其是狗狗见面在韩国和中国非常有价值。

30。 澳大利亚,东南亚和非洲的鳄鱼也因为肉类而被收获,它们的味道像鸡肉和螃蟹之间的东西。

31。 在越南,他们得到了Çobra’s beating heart and place it into a shot glass filled containing its own blood. 

32。 Chicken's英尺---东亚 - 加勒比 - 南美 - 和 - 南非洲

33。 樱花肉(日本)实际上是生马肉。

34。 Ç来自中国的entury鸡蛋使用粘土,灰分和生石灰的混合物进行保存。 虽然它的味道像煮鸡蛋,但闻起来有硫磺和氨味。

35. Casu marzu from Italy is more commonly known as XCHARXmaggot cheese.XCHARX It is sheepXCHARXs milk cheese that has live insect larvae.

36。 美洲狮肉是来自非洲平原的任何野生动物的肉。

37。 黑布丁或血肠采用各种天然调味剂,增稠剂,面包屑凝固而成,然后塞入香肠皮中。 (非洲,美洲,亚洲和欧洲)


39。 A South Korean favorite street food, the “beondegi” are silkworms that are boiled, steamed or lightly seasoned. 

40. A favorite evening snack in the Philippines, XCHARXbalutXCHARX is a boiled fertilized duck egg. Make a small hole on the shell, sip the juice, then peel off the rest of the shell to eat the contents.



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